Tony Chestnut

So, Jill Sawatzky is one of the coolest people I have ever met. She was gracious enough to invite me into her (super cool) studio and we chatted about Tony Chestnut: where it came from, what it is, and who it’s for.

“I love meeting busy women, they’re the women I want to dress. They challenge me. In a span of 24 hours, you have to do a trillion things, how can I make clothes for you?”

Tony Chestnut is a clothing line, made mainly for women, and has an androgynous edge.

Jill’s clothing is made to move with women through phases pf life. Jill says she doesn’t make clothes to fit one body type. It should work with you if you have gained weight, lost it, and even through pregnancy.

“Clothing has a very transformative effect, it’s a coat of armour, how you face the world.”

Jill says she doesn’t think she will ever make something that is only meant to be worn one way. Her items are made to be versatile and timeless.

And one of her favourite things about working with her clients is seeing how they put the clothes together.

“Some people belt it, some people let it fly loose, some people wear it with a fitted slip dress underneath to make it a bit more sexy.” – about the Nude Sheer Frock

Jill is so intentional with her designs. She is really trying to make her customers feel super confident and able to take on each busy day.

And the quality is so apparent in her pieces. She gets most of her textiles from a supplier in Montreal because she loves its fabrics and knowing they come from Canada. She also buys unbleached and undyed fabrics from California, saying it can be hard to find those locally.

Check out Tony Chestnut at to shop or find out about upcoming trunk shows. Or hit up the upcoming Lucky Girl Pop Up Shop at Hut-K April 22 and 23, Jill will be there on the 23rd.

“That’s life, wearing 1000 different hats a day, but having a garment that you can throw over your clothes and make you feel like you can do all of those things.”


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