Issues in the Fashion Industry: Part 2

I’m not going to sit here and list the why you should thrift to create a unique wardrobe, home, life, whatever. Because you already know that, right?

What I AM going to sit down and talk to you about is why it’s so insanely important for the environment (yeah, I’m going to be that person today). We’re talking “fast fashion” and why it’s f***ing everything up.

Alright, so what does this have to do with my thrifting point? Well, with all of this fast fashion and “disposable” clothing, people are either throwing it out (because the threads basically disintegrated) or because they got the one or two wears they wanted out of it.

So these clothes are (hopefully) ending up in second-hand stores, or (hopefully not) in landfills. Even if they are in second-hand stores or at charities, there is such as influx at the moment, neither are able to get rid of stuff fast enough.

I get a lot of my clothes from second-hand stores like Shop Take Care and Nettie and Min, and also local thrift stores, like the one photographed which is on Sherbrooke Street. I love thrift shopping because I find pieces I would never normally find in stores, and they’re always a great price.

I found a pale blue suede vest the other day (retro Danier Leather) at the Thrift Store and a pair of navy blue cigarette pants from Shop Take Care recently. Seriously, thrifting is the best.


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