Embracing The Winter Cold & How To Not Be A Dud

So I scrapped the post I was initially going to write for this week and decided I want to talk about the warming huts at The Forks coming this winter. I was at the news conference this morning, and it got me thinking about how lucky us Winnipeggers are for having an organization that goes out of its way to make our bitterly-cold winter better.

warming huts 2018

For those of you who don’t know what the warming huts are (I assume you don’t live in Winnipeg or are one of those people who denies that Winnipeg is a great city), they are huts that are built along the Red River Mutual Trail for skaters to stop by and warm up.

Winnipeg winters can be difficult, y’all. It’s important we find ways to keep our sanity without fully giving into Netflix and cookie dough binges.

As a born and raised Winnipegger/cold winter survivor and as I get older, I have found it so important to be more intentional about how I feel towards the season. I was never a sports kid, so I never had that excitement about skating rinks and sports. But I love embracing our climate, whether it’s heading to the warming huts at The Forks or curling up by a fire with a book. We can dread Winter all we want but it’s much better for you to embrace it.


I picture my cold winter Saturdays happening like this: wake-up lateish, make myself breakfast, head to The Forks to grab a coffee from Fools + Horses and do a little work. Then: I would do a little skate on the trail – getting exercise from an outdoor activity is very wholesome and important, and I would like to try it at some point. Finish off with a pizza from Red Ember Common and a glass of wine in The Common and I have my perfect winter Saturday.


Main image link: http://cashmereandcamo.com/hosting-a-winter-bonfire/

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