The Meaningful Relationship You’re Missing in Your Life: a Tailor

We’ve tried to deny it for so long. Why invest more when it feels like we maybe already invested too much?

Ah, my friend, commitment is hard. But if you’re going to commit to a garment, why not give it all you have? Okay, I’ll stop with the metaphor now.

Why should you be using a tailor? Well, clothing should be an investment, like a house. But a really tiny house that is part of a tiny house collection. Yay, new metaphor!

When you own a house, and something breaks down, you fix it. You don’t donate it to charity and go buy a new one (unless you do, in that case, I’ll happily accept a house donation).

The same principle should be applied to your clothing. Invest in good quality pieces. When those pieces get a tear or are fitting differently, go to a tailor to have them altered.

Up until 20 years ago, this was a normal thing for most people to do. Clothes weren’t disposable but were purchased to last years. This concept left our minds as fast fashion crept in and took over as a new way of creating a wardrobe.

That mentality to toss something because it’s too tight or has a stain has led to countless landfills, thrift stores, and charities overflowing with barely used garments.

Fast fashion, or disposable fashion, has become so accepted it has changed the way clothing is even stiched. One used to be able to see an extra inch of fabric surpass the seam so that clothing could be let out as our bodies change. With people spending so little on their clothing now, they don’t see it feasible to spend almost the same amount to alter the garment. Therefore, tossing that piece away and replacing it with an equally cheap item.

So, go find a tailor, make them your friend, tell them their great, and invest in good pieces that they will help you take care of.

I’m off to go reconsider my entire wardrobe again. Bye friends.

Album listened to while writing this: Indian Ocean by Frazey Ford

Feature photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash


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  1. codyzaporzan says:

    Don’t leave me hanging, recommend a tailor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. deltahirsch says:

      Tam’s Custom Tailoring on Ellice!


  2. Long-lasting, tailored fashion pieces are so important when developing your personal style. I’m lucky to have a tailor at home, but I’m with you. Even if it’s out of the way, a tailor can be your best fashion friend.


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